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tel. 048 66 14 68
tel. 605 631 262

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Teresa Kiełbowska's Accounting Office is a professional accounting office operating on the market since 2001.
Many companies have entrusted us with running their finances. entrusted us with running its finances. The variety of bookkeeping has enabled us to service Commercial Law Companies as well as small and medium enterprises and sole proprietorships.
We have civil liability insurance and a MINISTRY OF FINANCE Certificate for the Service of Accounting.
The company has 2 branches:
Warsaw at ul. Postępu 10/62
Chynów at ul. Wolska 3
Our office approaches each client individually.
It is characterized by reliability, professionalism, versatility and security based on many years of experience.
The owner of the company Teresa Kiełbowska has 27 years of experience in the field of finance and financial management of many companies. Several years of experience as Chief Accountant in large Warsaw companies and since 2001 the next stage is the establishment of our own Accountant Office, operating successfully within Warsaw and the establishment of another branch since 2014 in Warsaw at Postępu Street.

Each of us has our own field of life, thanks to which we express ourselves and our emotions and observations to the world around us.
For our team, accounting, taxes, finances and accounting are not just numbers and entries on accounts, and money for services rendered is not a goal, behind every number there is a man who has his worries, joys and needs and will find security and your finances.

With your consent, we'll set up an Account on our Platform with an easy-to-use electronic archive of your documents
- access to documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
- simple search of your documents
- a tool to check your claims that invoices or bills have already been paid 
- the ability to generate electronic transfers
To log into the program we will generate an account for you and you will receive your login and set a password to enter the website.

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Warsaw Mokotów

ul. Postępu 10 lok. 62
02-676 Warszawa


ul. Wolska 3
05-650 Chynów